Tickets' terms and conditions
Ticketmaster ES

As an authorized ticket sales agent, Ticketmaster sells tickets on behalf of the Promoter who organizes the event and hence is responsible for aspects such as visibility conditions, comfortness, acoustics, accessibility.
Refunding the amount of a ticket previously acquired is not allowed. The inability of going to a show or a purchase mistake won't be enough reasons to refund the money. Tickets could only be cancelled and refunded if Ticketmaster receives the Promoter's express order, usually in case of cancellations, change of dates, etc.
Illegal resale (or attempt to resale illegally) of a ticket is fair reason to confiscate or cancel that ticket without refund or any other type of compensation.
A ticket could not be used for publicity, promotions, competitions or bettings, except when the promoter of the event authorizes it by written consent. Using brands or any other intellectual property of Ticketmaster will also be subject to express consent of Ticketmaster.
The promoter of the event is solely resposible of changes occured after the starting date to sell the tickets, such as change of dates, place, artists, cancellations, etc. Once known, Ticketmaster will send an email to the email address indicated by the users at the purchase process. Ticketmaster will also inform of such changes on the web so that users and purchasers are well informed.
This ticket is issued under the rules and regulations of the premises and the promoter of the event. All the details are available at the ticket office of the premise. Breaching any of these rules or regulations, or any other unacceptable fact that may cause harm, damage or offence, will entitle the premise or the Promoter of the event to expel the user from the premise.
The company will not be responsible of any ticket lost or stolen.
The unauthorized use of photographic or recording equipment is forbidden. Films or tapes could be destroyed. Lasers, mobiles, dogs (except guide dogs) and food and drink of the client might also be forbidden.
The premise, the promoter of the event and Ticketmaster are not responsible of any personal belonging.
The ticket holders agrees to be filmed and recorded as part of the audience.
Tickets can be restricted to a maximum amount per person, credit card and, for some events, per family. In case of contravening this regulation, the company reserves the right to cancel the tickets purchased exceeding this amount without prior notice.
All these terms and conditions are under the Spanish legislation and any conflict arisen from any transaction with Ticketmaster will be subject only to the Spanish court jurisdiction.
Any of the above clauses to be void or against the Law will be deemed not included, and the rest will remain enforceable and effective for the parties.