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One more year we can see the party with more color created with such success, which develops and evolves to another level. In Holika Festival we will see explosions of colors and we will listen to a mix of singers and DJs that go from one of the singers of the famous Reggaetton genre, Henry Mendez, with millions of listeners in Spotify or YouTube to one of the most esteemed and valued artists of the Spanish scene such as Fonsi Nieto. The line-up is completed by a countless number of renowned national DJs like Mikel Sevillano, who will give way to one of the most crazy and innovative concepts of the night world. From Tallarina On Tour, Santi Bertomeu and Alex Watkinson form a recipe more than perfect for the fun and follies of this musical and spectacular concept so peculiar.

We will go through performances by the professional percussionist musicians Mario Cornago and Rubén Barcelona (recreating a musical concept similar to what Safri Duo was at the beginning of the 21st century) and electronic music will make our sense of rhythm and Victor Coloma with his electric violin will return us to melodic harmony but in a way more extravagant than the well-known W.A.Mozart.

We will complete the event, with an endless amount of music with a selection of the best DJs in the area such as JuanP, Erik Ainzua, Ernesto Cárcel....., among others. They will make us dance until the wee hours of the morning. Music, music and much more than music. An added value is always necessary for something to have a special success and is that Holika, will have a set of Foodtrucks, bars and tastings, spaces chill outs, photocalls, photographers, aftermovies, foam party, and many inflatables that were the Stars of the last edition

Give color to life. Holika

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