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About Bunbury

Enrique Bunbury is one of the few artists that can boast about having survived successfully after the breakup of a very well-known band. Not in vain, a few could imagine the leader of Héroes del Silencio would build a very notable career as a solo artist.

His deep baritone voice, his way of articulating words and his ability to adapt to diverse musical genres make of him a clear example of artist between generations. Born in Zaragoza in 1967, the singer would be part from up to four different bands in a very short period of time, before becoming Héoes del Silencio’s voice being only 17 years old. When he band disbanded in 1996, the singer was an institution himself and then proved his ability to reinvent himself.

His first solo works, Radical Sonora (1997) and Pequeño (1999) consolidated his legion of fans, but Flamingos (2002) would be the album that would establish him as a solo artist. Rolling Stone magazine placed the album among the 10 most influential albums of Spanish music history, as well as Senderos de Traición recorded with Héroes del Silencio. Another important recognition was the MTV Award to Best Spanish Artist.

Enrique Bunbury recently presented his new álbum titled Expectativas, with which he will start touring the main venues in Spain again.

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