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Get your tickets for the Caixa Alfama Festival 2014.

The 2nd Edition of the Festival Caixa Alfama will celebrate Fado in the heart of Alfama, LIsbon.

In 2013, Caixa Geral de Depósitos and the promoter Música no Coração united themselves to embrace the challenge of creating the first major Music Festival, that carries the identity and the Portuguese soul: Fado. The Festival Caixa Alfama was born.

In its first edition, Alfama buzzed with life, getting 10,000 people, of all ages, that, by foot visited 10 stages and watched the concerts of 40 of the best and most recognized interpreters of Fado.

Caixa Alfama received the recognition of the Event of the Year in Time Out Lisbon Magazine awards.

The Festival returns to its second edition. It will take place during two nights – 19th and 20th September, in 10 separate spaces, with 40 Artists of different generations who best represent, interpret and disseminate Fado, a genuine element of the Portuguese culture.

The particular characteristics of Caixa Alfama promote movement and organization, ensuring that the public is protagonist, giving life to the streets and viewpoints of the neighborhood of Alfama – the capital’s oldest neighborhood, which breathes the history of Fado.

The nights of 19th and 20th of September 2014 will last, in memory of all those who attend concerts, and reinforce the reason why in 2011, Fado was considered Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The single ticket, already on sale costs 35€ and must be exchanged for a bracelet by the ticket owner in the ticket office in Fado Museum, from the 18th September.

This bracelet will give access to all areas of the Festival up to a limit of capacity of each stage.

Don't miss it and get your tickets for the Caixa Alfama Festival in advance.

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Sábado 20 de septiembre 2014 Caixa Alfama
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