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Tickets for Visita Plaza Toros + Museo at TOROS VALENCIA TOUR

Visita Plaza Toros Museo


buy your tickets to Visit the Bullfighting Museum and the Plaza de Toros de Valencia.

Come and visit the Bullfighting Museum and the Plaza de Toros de Valencia, on the major bullrings in Spain and the world.

Located in Xativa Street, the plaza has a privileged location in the center of Valencia and its structure blends with the aesthetics of the city. With Toros Valencia Tour, you’ll discover this iconic place where the best bullfighters of the world show their art.

During our tour we will visit the bullfighting museum, the arena, the stands, the alley, the doors, the chapel, the infirmary … so you can be put in the place of the three protagonists of the show: the audience, the matador and the bull, and thus understand this art and tradition in a comprehensive manner

Don't miss it and get your tickets for the Bullfighting Museum and the Plaza de Toros de Valencia, in advance.

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Additional Information

    • Opennig Times:
      From Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.
      Saturday & Monday 10 am to 2 pm
      Saturday late afternoon Sunday and Monday Closed

      Extraordinary closing days and /or special opening times:
      - Special opening times on days of bullfights (Fallas Fair in March, Fair of July, special events)
      - The special closing dates for events or other circumstances will be communicated previously to the visit.

      Types of Tour:
      Immediate entrance to the bullring with an audioguide in spanish, french, english, italian, german, russian and chinese included in the entrance ticket.


      In case of maintenance works or under special circumstances, the tour and type of visit may be altered.

Date Sessions
Saturday 31 of May 2014 Visita Plaza Toros + Museo
10:00 Buy tickets

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