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Tickets for Panoramic Visit at Torre Bellesguard

Visita Panorámica - Torre Bellesguard


Get your tickets to visit the Torre Bellesguard.

The most exclusive Gaudí.

The Torre Bellesguard, one of Gaudí’s less well-known Barcelona buildings, now, open to the public.

  • The Torre Bellesguard, which is currently owned by the Guilera family who still live in part of the house, was designed by Antoni Gaudí and built between 1900 and 1909.
  • The building has straight lines which were seldom seen in his work and was inspired by the medieval castle where King Martin the Humane once lived, parts of which can still be seen in the gardens of the house.
  • The history of Bellesguard is closely linked to the history of Catalonia as it dates back to the Middle ages when Martin the Humane gave the site its current name and built his home there. It was also the place where one of Catalonia’s most famous bandits, Serrallonga, used to hide out after committing his crimes, and also played an important role in the historic events of 1714.
  • The building takes its name from its strategic position and magnificent views – in Catalan “Bellesguard” means “beautiful views” or “good viewing point”.
  • Bellesguard and the crypt of the Colonia Güell are buildings which Gaudí used as test beds for the architectural solutions he would later apply to the Sagrada Familia.

Don't miss the visit to the Torre Bellesguard and get your tickets in advance.

Ticket collection

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        • Access
          Acces Bellesguard
            Torre Bellesguard
            C/ Bellesguard, 16-20
            Buses: 60, 123 y 196
            Tourist Bus: Avinguda tibidabo
            FGC: Avinguda Tibidabo station.
        • Opening times
          • 1st May to 31st October: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm | Closed Sunday
          • 1st November to 31st April: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 3pm | Closed Sunday.
          • Closed: 1st January, 6th January, 25th December and 26th December.
        • Types of tour
          • Panoramic tour: visit the grounds of the Torre Bellesguard, the ruins of Martin the Humane’s palace with an audioguide, and the audiovisual exhibit.
          • Full tour: guided tour of the gardens and inside the Torre Bellesguard for small groups (15 people max.) in their requested language.
        • the price includes
          • Panoramic tour: audio guide in English, Catalan and Spanish, French, Russian or Japanese + informative leaflet.
          • Full tour: guided tour of the gardens and inside the Torre Bellesguard for small groups (15 people max.) in their requested language.
          • Reduced admission: senior citizens and childs form 8 to 18 years. The requisite accreditation must be provided.
          • Under 8 years old: free.
        • Full tour languages
          • English: from Monday to Saturday, 11.00 am.
          • Spanish: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12.00 noon.
          • Catalan: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 12.00 noon.
        • Lenght of the guided tour:
          • The lenght of the guided tour is 1 hour.


Date Sessions
Thursday 31 of December 2015 Visita Audioguiada
15:00 Buy tickets

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